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Superbeefing the th 400 by mike niebuhr here has never been an automatic transmission more universal that t he turbohydramatic 400 from general motors it has been cast in over a dozen different bellhousing designs to propel an incredible diversity of vehicles, from the complete general motors l i ne to rm general hummers. I see a lot of forum posts asking about software to create drumless tracks. Billet aluminum piston and 3 sure seal sealing rings. Patc is on the cutting edge of performance rear wheel drive american transmission development. Jan 15, 2018 this part of the 4l80e rebuild series is teardown and inspection of the overrun drum, forward drum, direct drum, center support, and rear carrier assembly. If youre going to tear the trans down to a bare case and actually build the thing. The quik connect program is tied to specific products, including the 4l80e, offered from. These transmissions barely hold up to the punishment a stock lsx. Stock transmissions have always been set up by the factory to provide smooth shift performance to minimize customer complaints. Stage 4 builds are mainly for heavy vehicles, diesel, or large uses of n2o. A simplified, budget controller for 4r70w, aode, e4od, 4r100, 4l60e, 4l70e, and 4l80e transmissions.

The drum shows ruts all across its surface but if broken down into 3rds the center is where i can feel the rutting. But there are a few modifications you can perform to improve their durability. Its a sbc 350 with what id say is a mild build but i have no real build info on it due to it being my fathers car and he recently passed away. Never do this when buying a used car on craigslist, dont. This video covers the direct drum of the th400 transmission. Visit autorxpro to learn more about automotive repair, automotive software, and auto recalls. Gm 400, 4l80e, 4l85e direct drum sleeve kit installation tool. Sonnax transmission parts for gm 4l80e applications. Eliminates intermediate sprag failure due to excessive torque input. Th400 assembly guide now that the case is cleaned you are ready to start transmission assembly. Check out our billet torque converters for 700r4, 4l60e, 2004r, 4l80e, 6l80e, th400, 4r70w, 4r100 and 48re transmissions. Dual feeding the direct clutch allows both the inner and outer areas of the direct clutch piston to be exposed to direct clutch apply pressure, instead of just the smaller inner area.

Help removing th400 emergency brake the stovebolt forums. Jul 03, 2010 weak reverse after tci 221500 transbrake install. We work with different manufacturers in the development of stronger parts. No laptop or pc required quick 2 electronic transmission control system. Also remove the second sealing ring from the front of the center support. This part of the 4l80e rebuild series is teardown and inspection of the overrun drum, forward drum, direct drum, center support, and rear carrier assembly. Jan 25, 2018 assembly of 4l80e internal components on the gm 4l80e transmission. Patc builds gm performance transmissions in many levels. I have a transgo hd2 rebuild kit and i replaced the. Setting total endplay to prevent th400 gear train failure randall schroeder tech support hotlines have been burning up for years with phone calls concerning rapid gear train failure in gm th400 transmissions after routine rebuild or repair. Amazing selection of automotive tools over 60,000 items in stock and many thousands more special ordered asap from the factory, we support everything we.

A modern 4l60e trans backing a vintage ford fe engine. The stage 4 4l80e adds the billet intermediate shaft. Atsg is a technical support service specifically for the automatic transmission industry. Multiple warehouse locations in las vegas and the east coast gets you transmission parts fast. Addresses high pressure parts breakage, direct drum burn up, soft 23 slidebang 12, low pressure due to solenoid filter breakup. Dec 23, 2009 tci 4l80e rebuild kit, 278805 band question, rebuild questions the included band in this rebuild kit, when assembled, mechanically applies the band and locks the direct drum when bolting down the valve body. In reverse line pressure goes to the rev land of the pressure boost valve. Yellow bullet forums since 2005 a forum community dedicated to drag racing drivers and enthusiasts. The transmission is built from bottom to top, starting with the bushing for the output shaft, and moving up through the unit from one subassembly to another. Leading provider of high performance automatic transmissions, torque converters and drivetrain components for race, streetstrip, hot rod, street rod and towing transmissions javascript seems to be disabled in your browser. With alto red eagle racing frictions and bands, a billet aluminum super servo 9 for overdrive, highcapacity second clutch and direct drum packs, extreme duty springs and sprag amongst other improvements, all parts are billet or hardened, stress relieved and rollerized, and balanced and blueprinted to extreme tolerances. Forward clutch piston identification and interchange. It has sealing rings that seal it to the direct drum, allowing it to transfer fluid to the drum to apply 3rd gear, and reverse. Wear at the direct clutch drum bore in gm 400, 4l80e and 4l85e units allows 3rd and reverse.

Dual feed the direct clutches on a 4l80e transmission. The novak guide to the gm 4l80e automatic transmission. Includes 34 element sprag, heavy duty sprag outer race, retaining plate, spiralock, clutch piston wseals, return springs, and spring retainer wsnap ring. If you are rebuilding a 4l60e transmission, get a good manual, either a factory service manual, or the atsg 4l60e guide. Buy the th400 34 element patc sprag to replace the stock 16 element unit, increasing the torque capacity by 110%. No, the real problem is vb, governor solenoid, snap rings, direct drum and band, theres an accumlator in one of the drums with a crappy seal on it, and the soft shifts. All patc performance torque converters are manufactured inhouse. Early units, pre71, will have the smooth inner race style drum on the right. Everything you need to know about rebuilding a 4l80e. Our howto guides give you a stepbystep tutorial on a variety of technical topics for all super chevy models and fords at super chevy. Transgos performance shift kits give you the hardlaunching, tireblazing shifts you want, after just a few hours work with basic hand tools.

Im to the point of rebuilding the direct clutch assy. The transgo kit does 2 main creases line pressure and dual feeds the direct clutch. Everything you need to know about rebuilding a 4l80e transmission. The stock 16 element sprag is in the center, with the 34 element on the right. Patc gm transmissions, th400, 700r4, 4l60e, 4l80e, 6l80e. So like many my rebuild project started off to be a pretty much stock rebuild and after a lot of research it is steadily growing in scope. Transgo 4l80e transmission shift kit 19912009 gm by. To dual feed the direct clutch remove the center lip seal. I have paid to have it rebuilt after reverse went out and replaced it with a 4l80e from a 98 2500 6. Im looking for the best route without doing any cutting. Will fit all 1991 to 1996 models if 1997 and up reverse servo cover is used. Tci 4l80e rebuild kit, 278805 band question, rebuild questions the included band in this rebuild kit, when assembled, mechanically applies the band and locks the direct drum when bolting down the valve body. Discussion in the hokey ass message board started by blacktop graffiti, jul 15, 2014.

The center support houses the intermediate apply piston, supports the direct drum. The direct clutch is used in 3rd gear and also for reverse. Then do you use the 4l80e frictions and a combination of th400 and 4l80e steels to find the right amount of clearance. Never do this when buying a used car on craigslist or dont get scammed. That would seem fine for reverse and when on the transbrake, but how does this work in 3rd gear position. Discussion in the hokey ass message board started by divco, aug 24, 2012. As mentioned above you could have a bad seal on the reverse band servo.

Oct 10, 2017 how to get the clutches out, the piston out and the sprag off the back. In this issue, were going to look at a 2007 gmc k2500 equipped with a 6l90e that had no line rise after being rebuilt. Ondra terry of tci automotive tells us that the aods roller clutch is a weak link, as is the. Time to learn how to rebuild a 4l80e gmc truck forum. Seperate the springs from the retainers and replace the 16 springs with the ones from the hd2 kit. The reason people think that this is possible is due to software that removes vocals from songs and so it is completely understandable why folks think you can remove drums from songs. This kit includes all of the necessary components to upgrade the oem 4l80e direct clutch piston for heavy dutyhigh performance use. Gm turbo 350 shift kits and performance modifications guide i cant remember a single transmission built in the shop that didnt include some modifications to improve shift performance. Rebuild a 4l80e transmission with the transgo hd2 kit gm. Holds up to 6 frictions with a tcs billet apply piston. It will work at higher power levels if the rpm is less than 7000 rpm. This roughly triples the clamping force used to apply and hold the direct pack assembly.

Using our modifications or some valve body kits, the direct clutch issues are resolved and the 4l80e will generally be reliable up to the 750 hptq range unless its a very heavy combination over 4500 lbs or using nitrous. Convenient drop in valves, no special tooling necessary. Getting to know the 6l8090e the general motors 6l80e. The original plan has been to replace all electrics, rekit it with bw high energy frictions and bands, stock steels, bonded pistons, all bushings and sprags, rollerize the. The atsg freewheel app instantly allows you to verify the proper freewheel and holding direction of virtually every freewheel device found in.

Furnishes a huge increase in direct clutch torque capacity. Technical cleaning vent tube on a turbo 250350, help. Fixture the direct drum in a 3jaw chuck, with the center support bore facing outward. These units contain a front direct clutch, rear forward clutch, and oddirect clutch which serve as the input driving components. All oem 4l80e direct clutch piston fall short in performance applications.

The torque converter is our pro ssx billet nissan 9. In this article, were going to examine these modifications and discover ways to improve the quality of your rebuilds. How to get the clutches out, the piston out and the sprag off the back. Direct fit for all 1997 and up 4l80e transmissions. Automatic for the people gearstar performance transmissions. Lowreverse band and direct clutch on at the same time get you reverse. Direct drum, 5 plates with wave plate, or 6 plates. Parts that will interchange are the rear band, center support, direct drum as an assembly, forward and direct clutches and the intermediates are similar. Disassemble, clean, and reassemble using new lip seals. A silver sport transmissions hydraulic clutch kit makes installing a modern manual transmission easy. Upgraded for easier install 112009 full race, competition, off road and prostreet. Tips for building a 4l80e without the hd2 kit by grady. They were the only company who offered the part i was looking for to repair a tool. Come join the discussion about racing, builds, pro mods.

Immediate failure due to case, direct clutch drum or piston breakage. This th400 billet aluminum direct drum is manufactured specifically for drag racing. Premium six friction direct housing specially prepared for transbrake applications. This tool kit easily shaves the worn surface allowing the installation of a stainless tell sleeve that will provide the sealing ring area with a fresh apply surface. The 34 element sprag has over twice the holding power of the stock sprag. Hy busterswt, ive never done this job before but here goes with some suggestions which may help, t. Also, the rear servo is getting feed oil anytime that direct oil is supplied to the direct drum. Compress the spring pack and remove snap ring to remove the spring pack. We have triple clutch converters for the ford power stroke diesel, allison and dodge cummins diesel. Will not back service previous model years 6l50 update. These need an upgrade when putting more than 300 horsepower through a 4l60e. The 4l80e transmission is the advanced progeny of the legendary turbohydramatic th400 automatic transmission, and is based heavily on the 400 in both parts and strength, yet featuring an added overdrive gear, a lockup torque converter and advanced electronic controls. I see the application on this rebuild kit says 97 to 2006.

Sloppy mechanics wiki 4l80e information, technical sheets. Patc gm performance transmissions, th400, 700r4, 4l60e, 4l80e, 6l80e, 2004r and others. We show you how to rebuild a junkyard 4l80e transmission using a transgo hd2 reprogramming kit in order to replace the stock parts as well as. Transgo performance shift kits 4l80ehd2 free shipping.

Installation of the tcm2000 is similar to the simple shift, the tcu is mounted and the wiring harness is connected. Removed front pump, input turbine shaft assembly, 4th clutch pack bolt inside valve body area, remove 4th clutch pack and direct clutch drum. Above this point the direct clutches will not live long without some hydraulic improvements. Fast delivery service, correct part, excellent prices. I later discovered that it wont work because the transmission changed on the valve body. Automatic transmission sprags free shipping on orders. It has a thinner intermediate pressure plate, frictions, and steels. The center lip seal counterbore in the rear of all 4l80e direct clutch pistons is the same as the th400. The th400 and 4l80e have been around for a long time, and these units are generally trouble free. Drumless tracks software i see a lot of forum posts asking about software to create drumless tracks. These are relatively simple but are best done during a rebuild or by a professional transmission technician. A musthave app for any automatic transmission technician. Gm turbo 350 shift kits and performance modifications guide.

Coralling coyotes gearstar performance transmissions. But first were going to take a brief look at what makes the 6l8090e transmission tick. This means you can install any 4l80e direct clutch. One 1 gm 4l80e forward clutch drum repair sleeve ebay. The th400 34 element patc sprag replaces the stock 16 element unit, increasing the torque capacity by 110%. The 4l80e uses 4 intermediate clutch plates instead of 3 like a th400. Diy th400 34 element sprag wspiral lock retainer youtube. Featuring a lightweight aluminum construction, this high performance transmission oil cooler is designed to provide outstanding cooling, as well as. We offer a technical hotline, books, software, bulletins, wiring diagrams, seminars, and technical courses to the automatic transmission professional. I would like to try this because i have a 6 clutch direct drum and have modified my forward drum piston for 6 clutches. Recommended tool kit 34838tl is no longer in production. Next, a pc is used to start the tcu software, it will autodetect the presence of transmission controller and the current operating parameters of the tcu will appear on the screen.

The 4l80e piston and put it in the th400 center support. Heavy duty clutch drum spring compressor transmission tool 4. If it was economical i would throw a 4l60e or 4l80e in and be done forever. How not to get scammed on craiglist, diy tips with scotty kilmer. You must remove the 12 shift valve and grind two flats on the land designated by the arrow. Below is a list of the weak points in a 4l60e transmission. Tci 4l80e rebuild kit, 278805 band question cpg nation forum. Basic installation steps for the smarttech overrun clutch valve kit. Th400 400 intermediate sprag spiral lock spiro spira lock. The 700r4 became the 4l60 that meant four forward speeds 4.

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